Private Lesson / Clinic Policies

Player may make up a clinic within the session if there is space available on an alternate day.

Makeups may be taken in advance of an absence, too. It is imperative that students realize makeups are to be done during the same session.  Player Capital will provide for makeup weeks only for weather-related cancellations.  Credits for future sessions will be offered only due to documented medical issues.

Absence notification must be emailed to us by 10:00 am the day of the clinic to receive a makeup.  It is expected that families will use the makeup days on another day of the week or during the make up weeks.

Payment for all enrolled clinics is due by the first day of the session.  Failure to do so will result in a surcharge per clinic based on the drop in fee.

Drop-in policies- Drop-in clinics are allowed provided the student has received permission from Player Capital admin.  Later than 10 am  clinic drop-in cannot be guaranteed and the head pro reserves the right to turn away a drop-in student not previously announced should staffing levels or the level of the student not allow further drop-ins.

If you are looking for a description of our clinic levels, you can find it online here.


Payment for clinics should be received by Player Capital admin prior to the start of the first clinic, but all effort should be made to avoid payment at the site to avoid compromising the management of the clinic.

Full session rates, and 6 or 10 packs, are offered to students as a benefit to both the business of Player Capital, and to provide savings to each student’s family. Full session rates, 6 or 10 packs, for lessons must be paid prior to the first lesson or clinic in order to secure these discounted rates. Failure to do so will result in a surcharge of the drop-in or single lesson rate, until payment is made.

Lesson Cancellations

Please cancel 24 hours in advance.  Although we encourage pro and student to trade phone numbers for early morning or rain season lessons, lessons must be canceled by emailing us  24 hours in advance. Lessons on weekends require 48 hours notice to avoid a charge. Cancelations by 5 pm Thursday for Saturday lessons, and 5 pm Friday for Sunday lessons required.

Lesson reminders from admin – Player Capital Administration makes every attempt to send lesson reminders a day or more before each scheduled lesson unless an arrangement has been made otherwise. However, these are a courtesy to the student, and to help assure the coach has students to teach at the allotted time.  Any student with a set lesson time, and a confirmation is expected to attend each lesson, and maintain their own calendar, and reminder system. Reliance on lesson reminders is not advised, and missed lessons will carry normal penalties even if a reminder is not sent.

Effective with all lessons on Monday, September 18, 2023 and beyond, any lesson cancelled within 7 calendar days (Monday for the following Monday, Tuesday for the following Tuesday etc…) will be charged $25. This will be deducted from existing 10 packs or charged on ensuing 10 packs. Menlo Park will not be allowing any flexibility on cancelling courts, as soon as we book.

This applies only to private lessons held at Menlo Park facilities. This will not apply to lessons held at Menlo Park facilities if moved from HPP to MP close to lesson time (day before, day of etc…). This will not apply to any clinics we hold at Menlo Park facilities.
Weekday (24 hours) and Weekend Plus Monday (48 hours) cancellation policy reminder for both HPP and Menlo Park courts.

Regardless of location, we are taking advantage of this opportunity to remind you of our 24/48 hour cancellation policy. All lessons cancelled within 24 hours of start time on Tuesday-Friday will be charged the full lesson rate. All lessons cancelled within 48 hours of start time on Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be charged the full lesson rate.

[Updated September 11, 2023]