Jr. Levels

Player Capital San Francisco Bay Area Tennis clay court

Please contact us to schedule an evaluation to determine placement. The resulting assessment is at Player Capital coaches’ discretion, and is final. Ages listed below are approximate.

Bright Stars:  Ages 4-6
This class is designed for younger beginner students.  Students will learn the 1-2-3’s (ready, unit turn, follow through) and the ABC’S (Agility, Balance, Coordination, Strength) of tennis.  Coaches will prepare students to move up to the Future Stars once they can rally well.  This class utilizes red ball.   

Future Stars:  Ages 5-10
Once students know their 1-2-3’s and ABC’S and can rally, students will be moved up to the Future Stars.  In this class students will focus on consistency and learning how to play points and keep score.  Students will also learn basic technique on volleys and serves.  

Rising Stars:  Ages 7-14
This class is designed for players who can play matches, but aren’t tournament players.  Coaches will continue to work on consistency, adding in direction and depth skills.  Students will also be introduced into basic strategy combinations, as well as doubles play. 

Tournament Training Program (TTP): Ages 9-16Available to top players in any age group that are currently playing competitive tournament tennis. TTP clinics include intense drilling, conditioning, and situational point play.

Grinding:This clinic is perfect for any competitive or TTP player. The focus is on a combination of high-intensity drilling and conditioning.

Additional Information:

Player Capital programs are designed around five tactical priorities:

1)  Get the ball in: Consistency and ABC’S – (Agility, Balance, Coordination, Strength)
The foundation of a players game starts here.  This is where the discipline to win starts.

2)  Direction:  Higher level strategy starts here.  The ability to open and close the angles of the court begins with ball direction skills.

3)  Depth:  Higher level strategy, and learning vertical attack, allows players to set up attacks and fend off attacks.

4)  Spin:  The ability to do steps 1, 2, 3 with different spins allows a player to keep opponents offf balance, and off rhythm.

5)  Power:  Being able to put the ball away against great defenders. Students must have the confidence to hit, and be consistent.