Tyler was a young enthusiastic, sarcastic, tennis loving, kind hearted man. He knew how to make everyone laugh. I know when I was feeling down that I could always count on Tyler’s big smile to keep me going. He lived in the moment and he touched so many people’s lives. His legacy and big heart will never be forgotten. May his soul rest in paradise.- Former PC Coach Marina Nikolic


I’ve been around a lot of junior coaches, and Tyler was one of my all-time favorites.  Technically excellent, but even more important, he always was cheerful, friendly and energetic.  Tyler made  a huge, positive impression on me.  I will miss him.- Steve Ellingson


As President of our local Queenstown Tennis Club, as a mother of a 28 year old son and as someone who also feels your pain – I wanted to reach out and send you all our deepest condolences at this tragic time with the loss of Tyler. We are so very sorry to you all for your loss.  Would you please pass our heartfelt condolences to Tyler’s family on our behalf. –


My own son helped on the search and rescue team and please know every effort to locate Tyler was taken and his loss is felt widely in our community also.- Teresa Chapman- President – Queenstown Tennis Club, New Zealand


Our family was shocked and deeply saddened to hear the news about Tyler.  Our hearts go out to his family at this time.  We thought so highly of Tyler, his warmth and bright smile, and his supreme patience and love of life touched us.  Nate really took it hard to hear about Tyler, he feels like everyone at Player Capital is like his extended family – and he had had a lesson so recently with Tyler – he just couldn’t believe it.- Stephanie Sassoon


I am very sorry for the company’s loss of such a wonderful coach. He was one of the best.- Florence Han


I know how heartbroken you all must be.  We feel the same.  Still in complete shock and cannot believe that it is true.  It was just one week ago that we were hitting with Tyler and talking about his trip.  He was such a great person.- Julie Cluggage


We are deeply saddened by the news of Tyler and no words can describe this loss. I still remember the first time Karl and I met him and you told us about his nickname “Tyni”.  Tyler came to see and congratulate Karl when he won 2016 Zimmerman tournament at Stanford and meant so much to Karl. Tyler was a such wonderful young man with a big smile.- Chisato Lee


It is my pleasure and honor to be part of this tribute.- Steve Leube- USTA NorCal Executive Director


How can someone with such a kind heart be taken at this age?!   In the midst of many questions, I thought maybe the best way to cope is to remember the good times he shared with our family.  Coach Mike assigned Tyler to help the girls when he first graduated.   He was rather inexperienced yet so willing to learn how to teach.  Within a short time, he took on this role beyond just drilling the shots with kids.  He worked hard and was very professional yet after lessons he would find a few moments to connect with them, talks of many many things outside of the tennis courts, ie how Pokemon Go worked to Marius, to the girls how liking gears can make a tennis player want to get better and how thinking about KFC Wednesday chicken pot pie can make all depressing matches feel less burdensome. – Jeny Ginsberg



I’m sure Tyler was grateful for the 2nd family you provided him as part of TTP and to you personally as a mentor and coach throughout the years. – Kendra and Elsie Ragatz


We just met Tyler last Sunday for our first lesson. What a loss to the community and for his students at Mitty.- Pamela Kunz


We will sorely miss him for his warmth, support, and his big smiles. It would not be the same without him in the school league matches this season. Please extend our condolences to the Nii Family. We are thinking of them in this time of sorrow.- Min-hui Kuo and Ethan Carroll


Garrin has been playing with Tyler for over 3 or 4 years now. They get along so well and he is like a big brother to Garrin. He has really contributed to Garrin and other student’s lives in his short life.- Hattie Shieh


We were so shocked and saddened to hear about Tyler’s passing.  We will keep Tyler’s family in our prayers. May Tyler’s soul rest in peace. May God comfort his family and give his family strength to go through this difficult time.  We are also feel so sorry about your loss of a great colleague.- Shelley Fang


Please know our hearts and prayers go out to everyone. The Straser Family


We are so very sorry to hear of Tyler’s passing.  What a terrible tragedy.  Tyler, his family and everyone at Player Tennis Capital Family are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.- The Zeilin Family


He (son) had a close connection with Tyler not just with tennis but as a big brother and doing basketball and pokemon with him.- Darryl Hein


Addressed to Michael Jessup.

We were devastated when we received word yesterday.  You should be proud of him as he was so respectful of our club whenever Mitty practiced or competed at our place.  He was also much more than a coach as I often heard him wax poetic as to life lessons rather than simply coaching tips.  You trained him well and his influence will not disappear quickly as his players will retain those “moments” forever.- Mark Roberts- Head Pro- Bay Club Santa Clara


Myself and the Inside Tennis family are so sorry for your unimaginable loss. We will miss his young light. A true tragedy. We wish you strength at this time of loss.- Bill Simons- Publisher- Inside Tennis Magazine


We are heartbroken for Tyler’s family and friends. Tyler was such a wonderful role model for Ewan and it is really hard to make any sense of such a tragic loss.- Dana Cho


I am shocked and heartbroken by the news you shared. Tyler was an amazing young man who was not only a great coach, but also a role model. He was so kind, energetic and always ready to have fun. It is just un-comprehensible that this happened to him.- Angelika Jahreis


All and I mean ALL of the kids and coaches loved Tyler and so did I.- Thomas Sorrentino- Pastor- Valley Church- Cupertino


 Tyler was such a great person and coach, over the past year that he coached Sarah, we became friends.  Coach Tyler will be greatly missed; he was a friend and a wonderful person who knew how to motivate his students.- The Singh Family


He was such a patient and fun teacher.- Suzy McGrath