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Palo Alto TTP


Brandon Coupe, Michael Jessup, and the tennis coaching staff are committed to creating a high performance tennis academy environment to produce Division I student athletes and beyond. Our program will allow students to pursue their tennis at the highest level without leaving home and sacrificing their scholastic goals.

It is a big undertaking so we will only add a few features this year in order to deliver the highest quality program. The 2016-2017 school year program will include on-court instruction, physical training Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, and our Player Management model outlined below (for players signed up 3 days or more).

Our top priority this year is to create a culture that develops life skills through their tennis development.  Each week there will be a theme like responsibility that will be studied, emphasized, and rewarded.  It is important that our student athletes not only strive for excellence on the court but also in the game of life.

Before each practice students will meet in the room off the stadium to view the learning themes through video or presentation by the coaches.  This will be systematic since the learning process will be a curriculum set at the beginning of the year.

“Player Management”  will be a key highlight of our program.  Each student will have access to a “Google document” that will be shared with their coaches and parents.  The student’s will receive feedback on their attitude, effort and tennis development on a weekly basis. The student’s private coaches will be an important part of the program as well, looped in on the student’s progress for reinforcement in lessons and match play.

We are excited to add these features to our current program moving us closer to becoming a full service academy.  Please contact us with any further questions and we look forward to training with you all this fall.


Michael Jessup & Brandon Coupe

Palo Alto Tournament Training Program

 625 Campus Dr
Stanford, CA 94305


  • Provide serious tennis players the opportunity to train in a real academy setting without leaving home.


  • Use of proper tennis grips for each stroke
  • Possess the foundation of proper technique for each stroke
  • Be coachable students prepared to train for excellence

Palo Alto TTP Features

  • Training Tuesday & Thursday 5:00pm – 8:00pm at the Stanford Taube Tennis Center
  • Tuesday & Thursday fitness training from 5:00pm – 5:45pm with Performance Science Training Institute.
  • **To attend Tuesday & Thursday students must be signed up for both days**
  • Wednesday & Friday 5:30pm – 8:00pm
  • Curriculum based learning
  • Daily “Chalk talks” to enhance learning off court
  • Player Management (must be signed up 3 days)
    • Tournament Scheduling
    • Managed weekly training regime and student goals on google docs
    • Weekly notes on students practice performance
    • Coordination with private coach
  • Field trips to college matches
  • Training in an environment that builds the whole student celebrating values important for tennis and life
  • Priority scheduling for private lessons


Palo Alto Tournament Training Program


Tuesday & Thursday  5pm – 8pm                   Session 1 – Aug. 22nd – Dec. 15th            $3,995 Full Session Discounted Rate

Wednesday    5:30pm-8pm                       Session 1 -Aug. 22nd – Dec. 15th            $1,445 Full Session Discounted Rate

Friday  5:30pm-8pm                                  Session 1 – Aug. 22nd – Dec. 15th           $1,360 Full Session Discounted Rate

**Drop-ins depend on availability**

Clinic Policies

TTP Palo Alto Students may attend either Tuesday or Wednesday clinics at Valley Church or the Sunday clinic at Holbrook-Palmer Park. Students must sign up for a make up day in advance to ensure the proper amount of coaches and student mix.
TTP Palo Alto- Due to the new format of TTP Palo Alto, the make-up rules for these clinics have changed.  One makeup week will be offered the week of December 19 for up to 3 days.  It is unlikely that a makeup will be possible during the session as the clinic is maxed out each night.
There will be no “Drop in” opportunities for TTP Palo Alto this fall so that we can maximize the very few make-up opportunities that may exist.
Payment for all enrolled clinics is due no later than the first day of the session.  Failure to do so will result in a surcharge per clinic based on the drop in fee.
Absence notification must be emailed to by 10:00am the day of the clinic to receive a makeup. Again, unlimited makeups are not guaranteed and parents should avoid any missed clinics not absolutely necessary.
Makeups are not guaranteed and each student should make every attempt to minimize absences.  Credits for future sessions will be offered only due to documented medical issues.


Payment for clinics should be received by Player Capital admin prior to the start of the first clinic, but all effort should be made to avoid payment “at” the site to avoid compromising the management of the clinic.
Full session rates and 6 or 10 packs are offered to students as a benefit to both the business of Player Capital and savings of each student’s family.  Full session rates, 6 or 10 packs for lessons must be paid prior to the first lesson or clinic in order to secure these discounted rates.  Failure to do so will result in a surcharge of the drop-in or single lesson rate until payment is made.

Lesson Cancellation

Please cancel 24 hours in advance.  Although we encourage pro and student to trade phone #’s for early morning or rain season lessons, lessons must be cancelled through 24 hours in advance.  Less than 24 hours in advance, Player Capital admin will determine on a case by case basis if a fee should be applied.
Lesson reminders from admin– Player Capital Administration makes every attempt to send “lesson reminders” a day or more before each scheduled lesson unless an arrangement has been made otherwise.  However, these are a courtesy to the student and to help assure the coach has student’s to teach at the allotted time.  Any student with a set lesson time and confirmation is expected to attend each lesson and maintain their own calendar and reminder system.  Reliance on lesson reminders is not advised and missed lessons will carry normal penalties even if a reminder is not sent.